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Elegance. Excellence. Succulents.

Our Story

Sappige was founded by Jeanne Simchick, who developed a passion for succulents when she included them as a therapy modality to treat children and adults in her work as a Horticultural Therapist. Her designs highlight the beauty of each plant, complimented by the style of each container.
After a visit to South Africa and learning that most succulent plants are native to the area, Simchick decided to name her company Sappige, which is “succulent” in Afrikans. The company is based in Miami, Florida where, despite being a tropical climate is very conducive to growing all types of succulent plants.

Recent Work

For Us, It Is Easy Being Green

Sappige designs everything from elegant arrangements to incredible installations. We’ll consult with you to figure out the best solution for your space, helping breath life into any room.

Small Details.
Big Ideas.

We use our expertise to not only design in a unique way but also pick and choose the right plants for your needs. Taking in to consideration the location, lighting, ambiance, and care necessary we craft the ideal shared experience between space and plant life.